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Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art Publishes Winter 2018 Issue

Historians of Netherlandish Art announces the publication of the Winter 2018 issue (vol. 10:1) of the referred, open-access Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art.

Table of Contents

Elliott D. Wise, Cycles of Memory and Circular Compassion in a Germanic Passion Diptych.” On a Passion diptych divided between the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, and the Art Institute of Chicago, the essay focuses on the interchange of compassion and meditation.

Anne Margreet As-Vijvers, “The Missing Miniatures of the Hours of Louis Quarré.” The article discusses six dispersed miniatures originally belonging to this manuscript which is situated in the oeuvre of the Master of the First Prayer Book of Maximilian.

Anne L. Williams,Satirizing the Sacred: Humor in Saint Joseph’s Veneration and Early Modern Art.” The essay examines humor’s centrality in late medieval depictions of Saint Joseph, arguing for its importance to the saint’s veneration while challenging the theory of education as the sole explanation for humor’s presence in devotional works.

Stephanie Glickman, “The Company One Keeps: View of Ambon (c. 1617) in the Dutch East India Company’s Sociopolitical Landscape.” The article focuses on the earliest documented painting that the Dutch East India Company (VOC) commissioned. Viewed in the VOC’s contentious sociopolitical landscape, View of Ambon illustrates how seemingly objective modes of picturing were inflected to express conflicting corporate and individual self-imaginings.

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