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Methodik zwischen Theorie und Praxis. Historische und aktuelle Ansätze in der niederländischen Kunst und Kulturgeschichte

Methodology between theory and practice: On historical and current approaches to Netherlandish art and art history Research Conference: 2 October - 4 October 2015

The annual international conference of the Arbeitskreis Niederländische Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte (ANKK) will be held in Bonn/Cologne, October 2–4, 2015.

Information from the organizers

Art-historical scholarship today is characterized by a diversity of methods, as is research on Netherlandish art. The various methodological “turns” of the past years and the increasing involvement of our field in interdisciplinary studies have generated multiple new questions and considerably enhanced knowledge on art in its cultural context. Yet, at the same time, a thorough discussion of methodology seems to be lacking. An international conference organized by the ANKK in 2015 will focus on the methodology of Netherlandish art history and will specifically explore the question of which methods are currently employed to examine the artistic theories and practices of the past. How do historical art theory and practice relate to recently developed methods, questions, terms and theories as well as curatorial concepts and exhibition practice?


The conference will include two keynote lectures by Prof. Dr. Christine Göttler and Dr. Paul Taylor, a podium discussion, six sessions, seven workshops and a poster session.

Please see this link for the complete program in English (PDF)


Regular registration ends September 15, 2015. Places for workshops and excursions, however, will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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