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Online Symposium: Paintings, Politics and the Monuments Men

Online event: 24 September 2021

The Cincinnati Art Museum and the University of Cincinnati are jointly organizing a virtual symposium that expands upon themes of the exhibition Paintings, Politics and the Monuments Men. Speakers will explore interdisciplinary connections that link the past to the present through art as diplomacy, current restitution efforts, and art and cultural heritage law and preservation. Each presentation will be followed by audience questions, and a moderated panel discussion among the speakers will conclude the day.


Time zone GMT-4

10:00 am            Welcome remarks

10:15 am            Jennifer McComas
Curator of European and American Art, Eskenazi Museum of Art, Indiana University
“Degenerate Art” and German reconstruction: rehabilitating modernist art in postwar Munich

11:15-11:30 Break

11:30 am            Claire Whitner
Director of Curatorial Affairs and James A. Welu Curator of European Art, Worcester Art Museum
What the Nazis stole from Richard Neumann (and the search to get it back)

              12:30-2:00 Break

2:00 pm              Jennifer Kreder
Professor of Law, Chase College of Law, Northern University of Kentucky
Nazi looting and modern litigation in the United States

              3:00-3:15 Break

3:15 pm              Keynote: Richard Kurin
Distinguished Scholar and Ambassador-at-Large, Smithsonian Institution and Chair, Preservation Working Group, U.S. Cultural Heritage Coordinating Committee
The Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative: ongoing efforts in the preservation of culture

4:15 pm              Panel discussion

Please see the museum website for more information and to register for this event.

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