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Rembrandt – Hoogstraten: Virtual Reality and the Force of Color

Exhibition: 8 October 2024 - 12 January 2025

For the first time, the Kunsthistorisches Museum is dedicating a large special exhibition to the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn (1606–1669). Visitors shall be met by a fascinating dialogue between the works of Rembrandt and one of his most talented students, Samuel van Hoogstraten (1627–1678). Hoogstraten left Amsterdam for Vienna, where he found great success at the Habsburg court.

Among the most important themes of the exhibition are the powerful effects of color as well as the astonishing illusionary techniques that enabled Rembrandt and Hoogstraten to imbue their paintings with a virtual reality. The exhibition shows about fifty paintings and drawings, which cast a new light on the masterpieces of the Dutch golden age of painting.

In 2024-25, the Rembrandt House and the KHM Vienna in cooperation, together with several partners, will be presenting the life and work of Samuel van Hoogstraten in two exhibitions, accompanied by various publications. This page will be updated once more information is available.

Please see the June 2022 feature by Sabine Pénot, Leonore van Sloten and David de Witt for more information about this exhibition project.

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