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Rembrandt’s Orient

Exhibition: 13 March - 27 June 2021

West Meets East in Dutch Art of the 17th Century

From tapestries to turbans and tulips, Rembrandt and his contemporaries repeatedly depicted objects from faraway countries. Their artworks bear testimony to the first globalization and show the influence of foreign cultures on the Netherlands of the seventeenth century. This was a period that was marked by a thirst for knowledge, a passion for collecting, and pride of ownership. The arts flourished, and painters created new kinds of history paintings, portraits, and still lifes. What these did not show, however, were the negative sides of this appropriation of the foreign, like slavery, trade wars, and deaths that occurred in the Dutch navy. In dialogue with current debates on the decolonization of collections, the exhibition will explore these historical images of the foreign and the imbalance of power between different cultures. With more than 100 works on view, the show will try to challenge the dominant Eurocentric narrative that endures to this day.

An exhibition of the Museum Barberini, Potsdam, in collaboration with the Kunstmuseum Basel, under the patronage of H. E. Wepke Kingma, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Germany.

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