Dr. Carina Fryklund Research Curator for Netherlandish, Flemish and Dutch Art, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden


Member of CODART since 2003

Selected publications

In charge of the on-going research project concerning the Netherlandish, Flemish and Dutch master drawings in the collections of the Nationalmuseum, for which the museum received funding from the Getty Foundation.


Late Gothic wall painting in the Southern Low Countries (c. 1300-1500)
Carina Fryklund
Trade edition of doctoral dissertation
Turnhout (Brepols) 2011


Dutch and Flemish painting, III: Flemish paintings, c.1600-1800
Görel Cavalli-Björkman and Carina Fryklund, with a contribution by Karin Sidén
Volume in series of collection catalogues
Stockholm (Nationalmuseum) 2010


Copy or masterpiece? Anthony van Dyck’s two versions of St. Jerome with an angel
Friso Lammertse, Carina Fryklund, Annetje Boersma, with contributions by Anne-Lies van Loon and Lena Dahlén
Rotterdam (Boijmans Van Beuningen) 2009


Dutch paintings, c. 1600-c. 1800
Görel Cavalli-Björkman, with contributions by Carina Fryklund and Karin Sidén
607 pp., 29 cm.
Vol. 2 in set Dutch and Flemish paintings
Stockholm (Nationalmuseum) 2005
ISBN 91-7100-731-8


Studies in wall painting in the Southern Low Countries c. 1300-1500
Carina Fryklund
Doctoral dissertation submitted to New York University in 2000
2 vols., vol. 1: xlii + 485 pp., vol. 2: pp. 486-633, 22 cm.
Ann Arbor (MI)

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