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Dr. Nadia Groeneveld-Baadj Curator of Old Masters, Het Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch, Netherlands


Member of CODART since 2021

Member of CODART from 2012 through 2013 and associate member of CODART in 2020

Exhibitions curated since 1999

CODART publications

Dr. Nadia Groeneveld-Baadj, “Experiencing the Wonder of Gouda in the Saint John’s Church”, CODARTfeatures, April 2022.

Selected publications


“Stone Surfaces and Materialities of Marble in 17th-Century Flemish Painting”, “Wilhelm van Ehrenberg, Jesuit Church in Antwerp” and “Follower of Hendrick van Balen, Bathsheba”
Essay and two entries in Paintings on Stone: Art, Science and the Sacred 1520-1800, catalogue of an exhibition at the St. Louis Art Museum
Munich (Hirmer) 2020


“Painting on Stone and Metal: Material Meaning and Innovation in Northern European Art”
Essay in Almost Eternal: Paintings on Stone and Material Innovation, edited by Piers Baker-Bates and Elena Calvillo, pp. 248-269
Leiden (Brill) 2018


Jan van Kessel I (1626–79): Crafting a Natural History of Art in Early Modern
Nadia Groeneveld-Baadj
Turnhout (Brepols) 2016

‘Collaborative Craftsmanship and Chimeric Creation in Seventeenth-Century Antwerp Art Cabinets’
Essay in Sites of Mediation: Connected Histories of Places, Processes, and Objects in Europe and Beyond, 1450–1650, edited by Susanna Burghartz, Lucas Burkart, and Christine Göttler, Intersections, vol. 47, pp. 270-296
Leiden (Brill) 2016


“A World of Materials in a Cabinet without Drawers: Re-framing Jan van Kessel’s The Four Parts of the World.”
Essay in Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek: Meaning in Materials 62, edited by H. Perry Chapman, Ann-Sophie Lehmann, and Frits Scholten
Leiden (Brill) 2013


“Sketches of Simians and Savages on the Versos of Jan van Kessel’s Copper Plates”
Article in Boletín del Museo del Prado vol. 30, no. 48 (2012), pp 72–83


“Hendrick Andriessen, Vanitas Still Life”
Essay in Exploring the Art of Devotion, catalogue of exhibition at Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, 2010


“Hendrick Andriessen’s ‘Portrait’ of King Charles I.”
Article in The Burlington Magazine 151 (2009), pp. 22-27.

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