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Museum Rembrandthuis

Rembrandt House Museum


Museum Rembrandthuis, which stands on Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam, was the home of Rembrandt van Rijn – also housing a studio and the shop where he plied his trade – from 1639 to 1658. It continued to serve a residential purpose for centuries until the municipality of Amsterdam purchased it in the twentieth century. The badly dilapidated building was restored and transferred to the Rembrandt House Foundation, which opened the current museum there in 1911 at the instigation of the painter Jozef Israels.

Museum Rembrandthuis has built up a large collection of artworks, including several drawings and etching plates by Rembrandt and an almost complete set of his etchings. The museum also collects prints by artists who were inspired by Rembrandt, including those associated with the Etching Revival. The building was refurbished based on the inventory drawn up at Rembrandt’s bankruptcy in 1656 and shows the painter’s living and working quarters as they are believed to have looked at the time. The rooms are decorated with seventeenth-century paintings by Rembrandt’s contemporaries, such as his teacher Pieter Lastman and two of his most successful pupils: Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck.

The museum has a print room and a modern museum wing for temporary exhibitions.

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