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Sinebrychoff Art Museum, Finnish National Gallery


The Sinebrychoff Art Museum is part of the Finnish National Gallery. It possesses the largest and most valuable collection of Old Master European art in Finland, totaling around 6,500 works of art including paintings, prints and drawings, and sculptures. The oldest items date from the Middle Ages, but the focus of the collection is on post-Renaissance art up to the mid-nineteenth century.

The collection is the product of collectors’ donations and subsequent acquisitions by the museum. Some 100 paintings are by seventeenth-century Dutch or Flemish artists. Most of them were added to the collection in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Some have been attributed variously over the years or remained anonymous, while many remain to be researched. The collection includes the only painting by Rembrandt in Finland, A Monk Reading, portraits by Cornelis van der Voort, Jan C. Verspronck, N.E. Pickenoy, and Nicolaes Maes, and paintings by Gerard ter Borch, Willem C. Heda, M.B. de Stomme, Jan van Goyen, A. Palamedes, Gerard Seghers, and Govert Flinck.

Ira Westergård, Chief Curator (December 2023)

Collection catalogues

Netherlandish painting of the 17th century from the collections of the Sinebrychoff Art Museum in Helsinki
Huhtamäki, Ulla, Malgorzata Waller
Poznan 2002

Sinebrychoff Art Museum: foreign schools: summary catalogue 1. Paintings
Supinen, Marja (editor)
Helsinki 1988

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