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Alte Pinakothek reopens renovated Rubens and Rembrandt rooms

Since 2014 the Alte Pinakothek in Munchen has closed several sections of the museum for renovation. The lighting in the building, designed by Leo von Klenze as a naturally-lit museum, had to be modernized. At the same time the building had to be renovated to meet modern energy efficiency requirements.

This weekend, the museum reopens its renovated Rubens and Rembrandt galleries (rooms 7 through 9). The Dutch and Flemish paintings can be seen in a new light thanks to a system of blinds for top-lit rooms that enables the optimum use of daylight. Sensors ensure that artificial lighting, will only be turned on when natural light is no longer sufficient, depending on the time of year or day. During the upcoming weeks, the paintings will also be provided with new labels in German and English.

The three rooms present a preview of the total renovation of the museum, planned to be completed in 2018. All rooms that are not part of the section being renovated at any time will remain open to the public.