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Elizabeth Wyckoff Leaves New York Public Library for Wellesley

Elizabeth Wyckoff has been appointed Associate Curator of Prints and
Drawings at the Davis Museum and Cultural Center at Wellesley College,
Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Museum information

The Davis Museum has a long history focusing on the importance of art collections in a liberal arts education. It is one of the oldest college museums in America, and Wellesley was among the first colleges offering degrees in the history of art. From its beginning in 1875, the permanent collection has grown to approximately 8,500 works presenting the creative accomplishments, thoughts, ideas and aspirations of an array of cultures and civilizations over a 3,500 year period.

The museum also maintains an active exhibition schedule, with in-house and loan exhibitions of all varieties and sizes. Elizabeth joins a curatorial team that continues to organize and attract important scholarly exhibitions, while it is also renewing its focus on its collections, with the aim of refining and building upon its strengths and expanding in new collecting areas.

Highlights of Dutch and Flemish art from the paintings collections include a Laughing Fool attributed to Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen, Philemon and Baucis entertaining Jupiter and Mercury by Abraham Janssens, Still life with crayfish by Pieter de Ring, and a portrait of an unidentified couple by Abraham de Vries. Among the over 4000 works on paper are prints and drawings by Hans Bol, Marten de Vos, Hendrik Goltzius, Wenceslas Coebergher, Anthony van Dyck, Hendrick Goudt, Rembrandt, Karel Dujardin, Theo van Doesburg, Anton Heyboer, and Karel Appel.