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Kunstmuseum Basel and the J. Paul Getty Museum present online access to their collections

Kunstmuseum, Basel

The holdings of the Kunstmuseum Basel can now be consulted via their website. The database contains a total of more than 4000 paintings, sculptures, as well as new media, ranging from the Late Middle Ages through the 21st century. Among its holdings there are a substantial number of works by Dutch and Flemish Masters, many hitherto unpublished. The database has been conceived as a dynamic research instrument any corrections and additions are greatly appreciated.

J. Paul Getty Museum, from their press release

Today the Getty becomes an even more engaged digital citizen, one that shares its collections, research, and knowledge more openly than ever before. We’ve launched the Open Content Program to share, freely and without restriction, as many of the Getty’s digital resources as possible.

The initial focus of the Open Content Program is to make available all images of public domain artworks in the Getty’s collections. Today we’ve taken a first step toward this goal by making roughly 4,600 high-resolution images of the Museum’s collection free to use, modify, and publish for any purpose.

These are high-resolution, reproduction-quality images with embedded metadata, some over 100 megabytes in size. You can browse all available images here, or look for individual “download” links on the Getty Museum’s collection pages. As part of the download, we’ll ask for a very brief description of how you’re planning to use the image. We hope to learn that the images will serve a broad range of needs and projects.

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