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Liechtenstein Museum discontinues fixed opening hours and focuses on events and pre-booked tours

The Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna stops being a museum with fixed opening hours as of today. It will continue as the Princely Collections of Liechtenstein, which will be available for pre-booked guided tours. The Princely collections feature a high quality section of Dutch and Flemish art.

From the museum website, 2 January 2012

As of January 2012 Palais Liechtenstein will be striking out in a new direction: the museum in its present form with fixed opening hours is to close, while the new focus will be on events and pre-booked guided tours of the Princely Collections.

The renovation of the city palace on Bankgasse will be completed as planned and from 2013 will offer events venues and exhibition viewings as part of events and group packages.

Pre-booked groups are welcome at any time, and the doors of both palaces will open to the general public on the annual Lange Nacht der Museen (Night of Museums) festival. It is planned to set up an organisation tool on the website to enable those interested to form such groups online.