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Marieke van Schijndel Steps Down as General Director of Museum Catharijneconvent

After almost fourteen years, Marieke van Schijndel will leave as general director of Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht on 31 October 2023. Since 2010, Marieke has played an important role in the development of the museum and the religious heritage in the Netherlands. Under her leadership, the museum saw a large increase in the number of visitors and was developed into a national knowledge center for religious heritage. She also thoroughly prepared the museum for a major renovation project scheduled for 2025 which is necessary for a more sustainable future.

On 1 November Van Schijndel will start as director of Vfonds in Utrecht (a Dutch organization committed to the recognition and appreciation of war and service victims of the Dutch government anywhere in the world, war memorials and the preservation of peace and democracy in general).

Marieke van Schijndel (photo: Femke Lockefeer)