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Mauritshuis to receive substantial increase in subsidy, will open new entrance and offices

The Mauritshuis has announced that it is to receive a considerable subsidy from the Dutch government, which will allow it to build a new entrance to the museum as well as new offices and other facilities in Plein 26, across the street from the museum. The new spaces are to be connected to the Mauritshuis by an underground passage.

From the museum website, 20 September 2008

The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis is delighted to announce that Minister of Culture Ronald Plasterk has promised a € 1.5 m increase in its annual subsidy, in recognition of international excellence. The announcement by the Ministry of Culture ensures that the Mauritshuis will be able to pursue its plans for the future.

The Mauritshuis has received this financial support for an extension to the vacant office wing of the Nieuwe of Litteraire Sociëteit De Witte, across the street from the museum at Plein 26. The intention is to unite the buildings with an underground link. The new building will accommodate facilities such as the entrance, shop, restaurant and cloakroom, as well as offices. The extension will also make it possible to create a suite for education, a new exhibition space and a lecture theatre. According to current plans, Plein 26 will be open to the public in 2013.

Emilie Gordenker, Director of the Mauritshuis, states: ‘The extension of the Mauritshuis to Plein 26 is a one-off chance for the museum. Thanks to this financial support, we can now take in important step towards the realisation of our plans. When the new building opens, we will have doubled our available space. Plein 26 is expected to open in 2013.