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New art centre in the heart of Stockholm will be hosted by the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts while Nationalmuseum is being renovated

A new art centre is being created in the heart of Stockholm. When Nationalmuseum’s building closes down to be emptied for a year, its operations and collections will be moving out to continue engaging with the public across Sweden. Through a new collaboration with the illustrious Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Nationalmuseum will also maintain a fixed base in the capital during the renovation period, sharing the Royal Academy’s address at Fredsgatan 12 from autumn 2013.

Director General of Nationalmuseum, Berndt Arell, comments: “This is a perfect partnership. I’m extremely pleased that we can ensure a public presence in Stockholm during the refit. The museum is nothing without its visitors and the collections can only be brought to life by being on display. Now we’ll be creating a new art centre, so that everyone can enjoy the museum’s wealth of artworks even while its building is undergoing essential renovations. This collaboration with the Royal Academy promises to produce something new and unique!”

The idea of a new art centre has gradually developed to the point where the two parties can start taking this joint venture forward. “A number of fortuitous circumstances lie behind this fantastic opportunity that has now arisen for both our institutions. Together, we’ll be able to create an exceedingly promising venue for historical and contemporary art in the heart of Stockholm. This new centre for art will be a driving force and an asset for us all.” states Susanna Slöör, Permanent Secretary at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.

The Royal Academy has recently upgraded its exhibition space and the two institutions have long-standing historical ties, which creates a sound foundation on which to build. This collaboration allows for the broad and long perspective of Nationalmuseum and the modern focus of the Royal Academy to be merged. The aim is to create a single stage for the historical and the contemporary art.

The joint venture is set to run for three years from autumn 2013. The current outline plans include major exhibitions and creative activities, primarily for children and young people, in the original, authentic artist’s studios. The library, with its original interior from the 1890s, and the auditorium, decorated with the Royal Academy’s own collection of art, offer opportunities to hold lectures, seminars and debates. Alongside this, the public will also enjoy peripheral services such as a shop, food and drink.

The Royal Academy’s programme will continue during this period with exhibitions displayed predominantly in the West and East Galleries and the Studio. It will still be perfectly possible to host major events such as the MARKET art fair, the Carnegie Art Award and the Royal Institute of Art’s Master’s degree show. Nationalmuseum’s gallery activities will be located in three large halls, and the exhibitions will continue to run over the summer. The collections of historical art will enjoy a natural interface with the contemporary art – all year round.