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New issue of the Rijksmuseum Bulletin was unveiled during TEFAF

During the past edition of TEFAF, the new issue of the Rijksmuseum Bulletin was unveiled. In this issue former Amsterdam archivist Bas Dudok van Heel reveals the identity of the civic guardsmen on Rembrandt’s Night Watch. Furthermore he proposes a new interpretation of its original context in the Amsterdam militia hall.

Rijksmuseum Bulletin 57 (2009) 1


Wim Pijbes: Preface

p. 5:
Bas Dudok van Heel
‘The Night Watch and the Entry of Marie de’Medici – A New Interpretation of the Original Place and Significance of the Painting’

p. 43:
Bas Dudok van Heel
‘Frans Banninck Cocq’s Troop in Rembrandt’s Night Watch – The Identification of the Guardsmen’

p. 88:
Marijn Schapelhouman and Frits Scholten
‘Acquisitions: Eleven Drawings and a Statue – A Selection from the Van Regteren Altena Donation’