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Sinebrychoff Art Museum’s catalogue of paintings Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2011 prize by the Finnish Book Art Committee

Yesterday, in the National Library in Helsinki Taidetta & tunnelmia, the latest catalogue of paintings of the Sinebrychoff Art Museum won the Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2011 prize. The prize is awarded yearly by the Finnish Book Art Committee. CODART congratulates its member Minerva Keltanen, who edited the book and all the other staff at the museum contributing to it.

There is yet more good news. The catalogue only appeared in Finnish last year, but an English edition is scheduled for Autumn 2012.

From the jury report

The book presents 60 works from the Sinebrychoff Art Museum collection. The difference in size and form together with the bringing out of details give rhythm to the reading experience. Stylish in every way, the layout, with its golden initials, exudes the discrete charm suitable to the spirit of an art work. The faultless general appearance and the gilded page edges emphasize the overall effect.

Published by Sinebrychoff Art Museum
Printed by Finepress Oy
Graphic design Mary-Ann Lindholm
Paper Galerie Art Silk 150 g/M2
Typeface Adobe Garamond Regular; Bircham Script
Price 40€

Taidetta & tunnelmia
Edited by Minerva Keltanen
25,5 x 21,4 cm., full color, hardbound
Helsinki (Sinebrychoff Art Museum) 2011
ISBN: 978-951-53-3386-5