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Van Gogh Drew 589,180 Visitors to the Albertina

The exhibition Van Gogh: heratfelt lines at the Albertina in Vienna attracted more visitors than any exhibition ever held in Austria.



Museum press release, 9 December 2008


The Most Successful Exhibition Ever Shown in Austria


Van Gogh

The Albertina’s Van Gogh exhibition closed on 8 December after attracting a record-breaking 589,180 visitors since 5 September 2008.  Visitor numbers far exceeded the ambitious target of 450,000.  That figure had already been reached by mid-November.
With an average number of 6,202 visitors a day, Van Gogh topped all previous blockbuster shows at the Albertina: Albrecht Dürer in 2003 (472,000 visitors; daily average: 4,968), Pablo Picasso in 2007 (345,000 visitors; daily average: 3,141), and Peter Paul Rubens in 2004 (239,000 visitors, daily average: 2,916).  In terms of daily visitor figures Van Gogh was far and away the most popular exhibition ever to be shown in Austria.