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A second life for exhibition materials:

Architecture of exhibitions has been growing in importance in recent years. Not only the content of an exhibition, but also the way in which objects are presented have become an integral part of the visitor’s experience. In many a review also the exhibition’s architecture is judged.

Consequently, investments in those architectural aspects have risen, not only to make exhibitions more beautiful and accessible, but also to meet modern requirements for regulating climate and security.

Large exhibitions rarely have a lifespan longer then a couple of months. The greater part of the exhibition material (walls, showcases, lighting etc.) is only re-usable on a limited scale by the exhibitors. This is partly due to lack of storage space, but also to ambitious exhibition designers.

An initiative has been taken to limit the ecological footprint of exhibitions and to lower the impact of the architecture on exhibition budgets. Culture organizer Brugge Plus and Musea Brugge have joined forces to start a digital platform for valuable exhibition material, called kringloopexpo. The new initiative was able to recuperate much professional material after the exhibitions Luc Tuymans: Een visie op Centraal-Europa and Van Eyck to Dürer, jointly organized by the two institutions. The material of those exhibitions is now for a large part available for sale or rent through

The website is intended as a digital marketplace for these materials. It is possible both to offer materials as to ask for specific objects. The platform functions as a means for the first communication. When material is sold, rented, a small commission will be charged by the platform, to cover operational costs.

To be able to guarantee a good quality and state of the materials on the platform, it also offers the possibility to inspect en pack materials before they are offered at the website. It is also possible to let kringloopexpo transport the materials at the buyer’s/renter’s cost.

For more information please contact:

Rien Vandermeersch
Coordinator Kringloopexpo
Huis Perez de Malvenda
Wollestraat 53
8000 Brugge
Tel +32 (0)50 443007
Mobile +32 (0)498113228