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First Edition of International Summer School on Dutch Castles and Historic Country Houses

The Dutch Castles, historic Country Houses & Rural Estates Foundation (sKBL) announced the first edition of the sKBL International Summer School. The 2020 Summer School takes place from 3 to 11 of July 2020 and focuses on the many country houses in the Amsterdam region and their art collection.

‘Welgelegen’ pavilion in Haarlem. This building was commissioned by wealthy banker Henry Hope to accommodate his large collection of paintings. It is the first building designed like a museum in the Netherlands.
Photo by Arch (public domain)

A range of Dutch scholars, experts and researchers will contribute with lectures and guidance during the tours. Participants will acquire knowledge on the seventeenth and nineteenth century metropolis of Amsterdam and the rise of Dutch country house culture.

The sKBL Summer School 2020 is open for participants from outside the Netherlands who do research on topics that relate to the preservation and conservation of monumental heritage. Students are welcome as well.

The deadline for applications is 1 April 2020. Additional information about the program and practicalities can be found on the website of sKBL.

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