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New Issue of Simiolus (vol. 41 nr. 3) Published

A new issue of Simiolus appeared. The issue contains four papers on the work of Dutch sculptor Johan Gregor van der Schardt (ca. 1530-1581). The artist toured Italy in the 1560s and specialized in painted terracotta busts. His self-portrait (ca. 1573) is one of the hundred Dutch and Flemish works of art in the CODART Canon.

Contents Simiolus vol. 41 nr. 3

Frits Scholten
Dusting off terracottas: a critical reception history of Johan Gregor van der Schardt’s artistic legacy

Titia de Haseth Möller
Anatomical study models from the studio of Johan Gregor van der Schardt: practice material, alternative parts, collector’s items

Isabelle Garachon
Some technical aspects of the terracotta models from the estate of Johan Gregor van der Schardt

Lorenzo Principi
Una anotomia cavallesca: Van der Schardt, sculptor in bronze between Bologna and Mantua

Self Portrait by Johan Gregor van der Schardt (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

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