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Egge Knol Appointed Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau

After almost 30 years, Egge Knol has retired from the Groninger Museum. In recognition of his achievements, he was appointed Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau at the conclusion of a symposium organized in his honor last week, September 13.

Knol received the decoration from Koen Schuiling, Mayor of Groningen. According to Schuiling, Knol has a great sense of responsibility for the heritage of Groningen and the importance of Knol’s commitment to this field can hardly be underestimated.

Egge Knol after receiving his royal decoration
Photo: Groninger Museum / Siese Veenstra

Egge Knol, CODART member since 2005, retired as curator of the Groninger Museum after almost 30 years. Starting as curator of Archaeology, over the years he was also assigned the History collection and the Old Regional Art and Applied Art collections. Knol curated countless exhibitions, including Hell and Heaven: the Middle Ages in the North (2001), Professor Van Giffen en het geheim van de wierden (2005) and The Student in Groningen (2014). His most recent exhibition, on women artists from Groningen in the period 1700-1900, closed earlier this month.