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New CODARTfeature Published: Anniversary Interview with Uta Neidhardt

A new feature has been published on the CODART website. It is not only CODART that is celebrating an anniversary this year. Uta Neidhardt, one of the first CODART members, also has something special to celebrate. She has been working as Curator of Dutch and Flemish Paintings at the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen in Dresden, Germany, for thirty years. For this occasion, she was interviewed by Tico Seifert, Senior Curator of Northern European Art at the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh.

“The great advantage is that I know the collection extremely well. I also know a lot about its history. My younger colleagues often see me as a link with the past. You sometimes hear people joke that once you are an eyewitness to the past, you’re really old.” Continue reading…


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