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Lars Hendrikman Leaves the Bonnefanten

The news reached us that Lars Hendrikman, Curator of Old Masters of the Bonnefanten left the Maastricht museum on 1 November 2021.

Since 2006, Hendrikman curated some 40 exhibitions and presentations at about a wide range of topics, including the recent Brueghel and Contemporaries (2021), Silver with Flair – 18th century Maastricht Silver (2020) and The Master of Elsloo (2019). He also expanded the museum’s permanent collection with a number of long-term loans.

Anticipating a position elsewhere, Hendrikman has started the Executive Master in Cultural Leadership program (Maastricht University / Royal Academy of Arts, London). For questions concerning the Bonnefanten collection, please refer to Stijn Huijts (artistic director) via

Please see Lars Hendrikman’s page for his updated contact details.