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Luc Devoldere, Editor of ‘The Low Countries’ Retired

It has come to our attention that Luc Devoldere has retired on 1 January 2021.

Devoldere had been Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel vzw since 2002. The organization is also the driving force behind the the low countries website. Devoldere has now passed the torch to his successor Hendrik Tratsaert.

In 2018, Ons Erfdeel and CODART jointly developed the theme of the 26th edition of The Low Countries yearbook, which was last edition of the yearbook to appear in print. A select number of short articles has been re-published in the CODART eZine and have been recently made available as a CODARTfeature.

Luc Devoldere