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Michiel Plomp Leaves Teylers Museum and is Succeeded by Terry van Druten

Dr. Michiel Plomp, Chief Curator of Art Collections, will leave Teylers Museum on 1 October 2019. The Haarlem museum announced today that Plomp will be succeeded by Terry van Druten, the museum’s Curator of Collections.

Michiel Plomp, a CODART member since 2007,  has been Chief Curator of Teylers Museum for thirteen years. During this period he collaborated with international partners to organize several major exhibitions such as Leonardo da Vinci (2018), Watteau (2017), Rafaël (2012) and Claude Lorrain (2011). He also greatly enjoyed working on smaller exhibitions with Dutch masters such as Real Winters (2015) and Mauve (2009). Plomp continues to be involved in the John Constable exhibitions that is scheduled for 2020.

Terry van Druten, Curator of Art Collections at Teylers, worked closely with Michiel Plomp for the past ten years. Van Druten organized, among other exhibitions, De Romantische Ziel  (2013), De Aquarel (2015), Jan Weissenbruch (2016), and most recently 200 Kinds of Green (2019) on the botanic artists Franz and Ferdinand Bauer. Terry van Druten has been a member of CODART since 2010.