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Kroniek van het Rembrandthuis Published in Digital Form

The first digital issue of the Kroniek van het Rembrandthuis, the periodical of The Rembrandt House Museum since 1947, appeared over the summer. The digital Kroniek will appear once per year with scholarly articles on all things that have to do with Rembrandt, major new insights as well as small discoveries. Topics can run the range from Rembrandt’s life, to his work, his pupils, his followers, and of course the house. For the first digital Kroniek five articles have been selected.

In this issue David de Witt discusses the life and work of the Rembrandt pupil Heyman Dullaert. Joshua Rifkin introduces the tourist Burchard Grossmann, who asked Rembrandt for a contribution to his album amicorum. Leonore van Sloten discusses the reconstruction of the pupil’s atelier in Rembrandt’s house. Frans Grijzenhout, Leonore van Sloten and Jaap van der Veen give an account of their research on the identity of the man who was long thought to be Eleazar Swalmius. In addition, Quentin Buvelot pauses to reflect on the passing of Rembrandt scholar Ben Broos.

The editorial board of the Kroniek (Erik Hinterding, Epco Runia, Leonore van Sloten, Ilona van Tuinen and David de Witt) hopes that the periodical will once again contribute to the dissemination of knowledge of Rembrandt, an artist on whom the last word has not yet been spoken. The digital platform will help with this. The articles are much more easily accessible for international scholars and enthusiasts of Rembrandt, and are even available for download free of charge.

The Kroniek can be found on the website of The Rembrandt House Museum. Would you like to contribute an article yourself or share a find? Send an e-mail to David de Witt: