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Oud Holland (vol. 131, no. 1) Published

The latest issue of Oud Holland appeared. The issue contains an article on the true face of Roemer Visscher (1547-1620). Until recently the appearance of this famous Dutch poet was shrouded in mystery. However, cultural historian and researcher Lieke van Deinsen has been able to demonstrate that earlier portraits of Roemer Visscher are based only on the imagination and she has tracked down the portrait that actually represents him.

The issue also discusses a previously unknown, eighteenth-century family portrait that turned up in a Paris auction in 2016. Visible in the background of the painting was a country house. Thanks to the successful identification of this house by Laurens Schoemaker of the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, it was possible to establish the identity of the sitters and attribute the portrait to Gerard Hoet I (1648-1733).

Table of Contents Oud Holland 2018, no. 1

Jaap van der Veen
De allegorische familiegroep van een echtpaar met twee kinderen door Gerard de Lairesse: De Amsterdamse apotheker Christoffel Sprongh en zijn gezin

Laurens Schoemaker
‘Zo geestig, kunstig en natuurlyk’: Het portret van de familie Quarles door Gerard Hoet I (1648-1733)

Lieke van Deinsen
Achter het masker van de Muiderkring: Een nieuw portret voor Roemer Visscher (1547-1620)

Patrick Larsen
Niet Jürgen Ovens (1623-1678), maar een onbekende oude man in Houbrakens Groote Schouburgh (1718)

Oud Holland

The oldest surviving art-historical journal in the world is a Dutch periodical. Oud Holland began life in 1883 with articles on art from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance period as well as the seventeenth century. With its numerous groundbreaking contributions – from important archival finds to major art-historical discoveries – Oud Holland has established an impressive reputation for itself. For subscriptions see the RKD-website.

Oud Holland volume 131 number 1

Oud Holland volume 131 number 1