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Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art / Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek (NKJ 65) is now available

The theme of this volume is Arts of Display.

The recent wave of renovations of Netherlandish museums inspired this volume of the Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, which focuses on display as a key approach to the visual culture of the Netherlands from the early modern period to the present. The volume opens with a critical discussion of the newly reinstalled Rijksmuseum. It includes analyses of the depiction of aggressive interactions with artworks, the ways in which meaning is mobilized by changing displays of paintings by Rubens, and the politics of display in a seventeenth-century palace and in Fascist and De Stijl exhibitions. Display in domestic spaces, including Rembrandt’s house and a museum of Asiatic art, is considered, as are the implications of plinths and curtains. Display emerges as a complex praxis that determines interpretation and implicates the beholder.

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Table of contents

H. Perry Chapman, Frits Scholten, Joanna Woodall, The politics of display

Mariët Westermann, What’s on at the new Rijks?

Marlise Rijks, Defenders of the image. Painted collectors’ cabinets and the display of display in Counter-Reformation Antwerp

Frits Scholten, Displaying the "Farnese bull". Adriaen de Vries’s revolving pedestal

Rebecca Tucker, The politics of display at Honselaarsdijk

Robert Fucci, Parrhasius and the art of display. The illusionistic curtain in seventeenth-century Dutch painting

Deborah Babbage Iorns, Viewing between the frames. Considering the display of Rembrandt’s pendant marriage portraits

H. Perry Chapman, Rembrandt on display. The Rembrandthuis as portrait of an artist

Justus Lange, From iconographical program to individual artwork. The display of Rubens’s "The triumph of the victor"

Gaëtane Maës, From Antwerp Cathedral to the Musée Napoléon. Rubens’s "Descent from the Cross" between devotion, delectation and nationalism

William J. Diebold, ‘A living source of our civilization’. The exhibition "Deutsche Groesse / Grandeur de l’Allemagne / Duitsche Grootheid" in Brussels, 1942

Marie Yasunaga, How to exhibit the un-exhibitable. Karl With and the Yi Yuan Museum of Eduard von der Heydt in Amsterdam

Samantha Hoekema, Framing De Stijl. Rietveld’s 1951 exhibition installation as image strategy