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Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art / Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek (NKJ 68) Published

Volume 68 (2018) of the Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art appeared. This volume is titled Lessons in Art. Art, Education, and Modes of Instruction since 1500. Volume 69 is scheduled to appear in December.

Why, how, to whom, and by whom was art taught? Lessons in Art (Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art, Vol 68) provides answers to these questions by addressing the relation between art and education in the Netherlands from 1500 to the 1970s. The authors gathered in this volume consider the practical and theoretical education of artists as well as the role of art and creativity for general education within a wide societal context. They present new ways of looking at teaching materials and methods, that were devised for the education of experts, and show how art and creativity were employed as powerful didactic tools for a general audience. From early-modernity to the present, education, it appears, fuels the production and perception of art.

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Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art / Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 68 (2018)

Table of Contents
Ann-Sophie Lehmann & Bart Ramakers

Caecilie Weissert
ClĂ©ment Perret’s Exercitatio alphabetica (1569). A calligraphic textbook and sample book on eloquence

Koen Jonckheere
Aertsen, Rubens and the questye in early modern painting

Edward H. Wouk
From Lambert Lombard to Aby Warburg. Pathosformel as grammar

Bart Ramakers
Paper, paint, and metal foil. How to costume a tyrant in late sixteenth century Holland

Ann-Sophie Lehmann
An alphabet of colours. Valcooch’s Rules and the emergence of sense-based learning around 1600

Jenny Boulboullé
Drawn up by a learned physician from the mouths of artisans. The Mayerne manuscript revisited

Erin Travers
Jacob van der Gracht’s Anatomie for artists

Julie Remond
‘Draw everything that exists in the world’. ’t Light der Teken en Schilderkonst and the shaping of art education in early modern northern Europe

Joost Keizer
Rembrandt’s nature. The ethics of teaching style in the Dutch Republic

Erin Downey
Learning in Netherlandish workshops in seventeenth-century Rome

Annemarie Kok
Do it yourself! Lessons in participation in a dynamic labyrinth in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam