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New CODARTfeature: Dutch and Flemish Painting in the National Museum of Serbia

In this month’s feature Jelena Dergenc introduces us to the collection of Dutch and Flemish paintings of the National Museum of Serbia in Belgrade. While presenting the highlights of the collection, she also recounts various instances in which international cooperation and the CODART network were essential in gaining expertise on the paintings in the collection.

“The National Museum of Serbia is a museum institution with an archaeological as well as an art collection. It is the oldest central museum institution in the country, from which other specialized museums have emerged over time. Nowadays, it houses 27 collections and around 450.000 objects, spanning the period from 7000 BC to the twentieth century. (…)” continue reading…


Published monthly, features provide information on new curatorial developments, current projects, collections of Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide, as well as insight into the work of the museum curator.

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