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New CODARTfeature: Lea van der Vinde Interviewed

A new feature has been published on the CODART website. After sixteen years as a curator at the Mauritshuis, Lea van der Vinde has left the museum to become director of the Huygensmuseum in Voorburg. CODART spoke to her about her ambitions for the museum, current and future projects, reaching a new audience, the multiplicity of views, and the transition from curator to director.

“Starting with Constantijn Huygens, you may well focus mainly on the beautiful sides of the seventeenth century. He was a diplomat, musician, poet, art connoisseur, writer, even perfumer. But he was also secretary to the stadholder, who went on military campaigns in wartime, and had close links to the East and West India Companies. It is very easy to use art to look at the attractive sides of history, but we must bear in mind that history is not a fairy tale and that there are always several sides to a story. As a museum, you have a responsibility in this respect.(…)” Read on…


Published monthly, the features provide information on new curatorial developments, current projects, collections of Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide, as well as insight into the work of the museum curator.

Last month’s feature was Experiencing the Wonder of Gouda in Saint John’s Church by Nadia Groeneveld-Baadj. To browse all features, visit

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