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New CODARTfeature Published: Exhibiting Sustainably

A new feature has been published on the CODART website.

Sustainability policy is important in numerous areas of society, and it is increasingly acquiring a key role in museums. For instance, ICOM recently announced the inauguration of an Award for Sustainable Development Practice in Museums. In this second article in CODARTā€™s series on sustainability in museums, we will be focusing on sustainability in exhibitions. What does it involve and how does it affect the curatorā€™s work?

ā€œMarjan Debaene: ā€œThe Green Book is essentially a collection of our internal guidelines to maximize sustainability. Sustainability has many different facets, and we try to achieve it in every aspect of our work. Our new policy plan states that we aim to increase our cultural footprint while reducing our ecological footprint.ā€ Continue readingā€¦


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