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New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish: Johannes Teyler and Abraham de Bruijn Published

Information from the publisher’s website, 2 November 2017

The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish catalogues on Johannes Teyler and Abraham de Bruijn have been recently published. With these publications on the graphic oeuvre of Johannes Teyler and Abraham de Bruijn, Hollstein’s work is now expanded and brought to an up to date state.

Johannes Teyler

The corpus of Johannes Teyler (Nijmegen 1648 – c.1709) comprises over 400 unique prints compiled in parts I and II of these New Hollstein volumes. Teyler’s method of color printing was adopted by a number of Amsterdam publishers from 1695-c.1710, of which some 600 are compiled in parts III and IV, including the – la poupée inked illustrations in Cornelis de Bruijn’s French translation of his Travels (1700). Important is the influence of Teyler’s working manner, which proved a game changer in print history. Teyler’s colour process subsequently appeared in English, German, French and Italian prints and book illustrations in the course of the eighteenth century.

Compiler: Ad Stijnman
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Abraham de Bruijn

Abraham de Bruijn is an artist who until now had been shabbily treated by art history. F.W.H. Hollstein, the founder of this series, devoted just seven pages and a single illustration to De Bruijn’s oeuvre. That has now been expanded to embrace 500 entries, many of them executed in the combined technique of etching and engraving, spread over two volumes. Like so many printmakers who have been researched at great length in The New Hollstein in recent years, this was of course because he was not a peintre-graveur, so his work is scattered over several large series that are often preserved in albums and not as loose prints in the portfolios and boxes that fill printrooms throughout the world. 

Compiler: Ursula Mielke
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