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New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish: The De Jode Dynasty I-IV Published

Information from the publisher, 10 October 2018

The Antwerp De Jode family consists of four generations of publishers, designers and engravers, working between c.1550 and 1670, throughout the ‘golden age’ of Flemish printmaking and painting, and alongside this era’s major publishers and artists. The most interesting aspect of these four generations of printmakers was their continuous urge and effort to adapt their work to changing times, both artistically, iconographically and commercially. This sets each generation apart from the next, as well as from contemporary dynasties of printmakers such as the Antwerp Galle and Collaert families, or the Amsterdam Visscher family. Due to the unexpected wealth of material that came to the fore during the research, the New Hollstein volumes on the de Jode family will be divided into two separate publications, first those on Gerard de Jode and Cornelis de Jode, and second the volumes on Pieter de Jode I, Pieter de Jode II, and Arnold de Jode.

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Compiler: Marjolein Leesberg
Editors: Peter van der Coelen, Huigen Leeflang