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New Issue of the JHNA, Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art (vol. 11:2) Appears

Historians of Netherlandish Art is pleased to announce the publication of the Summer 2019 issue (vol. 11:2) of the open-access, refereed Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art.  This special issue, supported by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, features E. Melanie Gifford’s “Rubens’s Invention and Evolution: Material Evidence in The Fall of Phaeton.” It reveals a newly discovered campaign of revision that augments our understanding of Rubens’s working process.  The article is particularly innovative in employing various digital enhancements (developed in coordination with Jennifer Henel). First, an IIIF Viewer to present high-resolution, zoomable images and detailed cross-sections for deep looking and, second, a comparison viewer allowing side-by-side study of any two images featured in the article.  We hope that the “Exploration and Resources” section will support classroom use as an example of art historical research on artists’ techniques.

Table of Contents

Melanie Gifford, “Rubens’s Invention and Evolution: Material Evidence inThe Fall of Phaeton.”

Melanie Gifford, “Exploration and Resources”

Jennifer Henel, “JHNA’s Enhancements (or ‘JHNA 2.0’)”

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Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art

JHNA publishes issues of peer-reviewed articles two times per year. These articles focus on Netherlandish, German, and Franco-Flemish art during the early modern period (ca. 1400 – ca.1750), and in other countries as they relate to Netherlandish art.  This includes studies of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, tapestry, architecture, and decoration, from the perspectives of art history, art conservation, museum studies, historiography, and collecting history.