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Presentation of Gary Schwartz’s Rembrandt Book

The CODART Bureau is proud and happy to announce that Gary Schwartz’s book on Rembrandt has been presented on the afternoon of 14 July in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The publisher announces Gary’s book as follows: “Published in honor of the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt’s birth, The Rembrandt book offers a complete and accessible introduction to Rembrandt’s life; his work as an artist; his family, friends and patrons; his place in the Dutch 17th century, European civilization and present-day culture. The Rembrandt book helps the reader to understand Rembrandt’s art in all its richness and complexity. The themes that preoccupied Rembrandt throughout his 45-year career are defined with regard to their emotional and artistic content as well as their iconography, style and technique. At the same time, close attention is paid to the quantitative aspects of Rembrandt’s production in various genres in different periods.
The techniques Rembrandt employed in creating his various groups of work; the patrons and collectors who responded to them; the artists who inspired Rembrandt and were inspired by him; the connoisseurs and scholars who interpreted his work for us are all brought into the story.
Chapter by chapter, new aspects of Rembrandt’s artistry are reconstructed, allowing the reader to penetrate deeply into Rembrandt’s creative thinking.”

Gary presenting the first copy of his Rembrandt book to the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen

Gary presenting the first copy of his Rembrandt book to the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen.

During the lively meeting at the Philips wing of the Rijksmuseum – with many friends and CODART members in attendance – Gary spoke about his motives for writing his second great volume on Rembrandt. Gary presented the first copy of his book to the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, who said he was looking forward to read it.

The Rembrandt book

The Rembrandt book
384 pp.
32,5 x 24,5 cm.
500 color illustrations
ISBN 90 6153 650 2 (Dutch)
ISBN 90 6153 651 0 (French)
ISBN 90 6153 652 9 (English)
Also available in German, Spanish and Russian

Price: €69,95

Special offer until 31 July 2006: €64,95