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Print Quarterly June 2017 (vol. XXXIV, no. 2) Issue Published

The issue contains two articles on Cornelis Bloemaert, one outlining the importance of the workshop context for his artistic practice, the other publishing his estate inventory of his  possessions, drafted after his death in 1692. The issue also includes notes on three collections of Netherlandish prints, Heemskerck, Hans Bol, Adriaen van Ostade and Dutch hand-colored maps and book illustrations.

Table of contents

Parmigianino’s Judith: A New Etching by Catherine Jenkins
Cornelis Bloemaert’s Workshop in Rome by Maria Gabriella Matarazzo
Cornelis Bloemaert’s 1692 Estate Inventory and His Final Years Lucia Simonato
Moving Pictures: Nineteenth–Century British Mechanical Prints by Sileas Wood
Jim Dine – Printmaking and the Tools of his Trade by Paul Coldwell


Aldus Manutius and The Woodcut in Italian Books by Debra Pincus
Fifteen Signs Before Doomsday (Die Fünfzehn Zeichen vor dem Jüngsten Gericht) by Jean Michel Massing
Een Rijke Traditie: Twee eeuwen Nederlandse prenkunst uit privébezit by Nadine Orenstein
Maarten Van Heemskerck (1498–1574) (Les villes détruites de Maarten van Heemskerck) by Edward H. Wouk
The Pushkin’s Seasons in Netherlandish Graphic Art (Vremena goda v Niderlandskoi grafike) by Galina Mardilovich
Hans Bol’s Emblemata Evangelica by An Van Camp
Festival Prints (The Edible Monument) by Deborah l. Krohn
Adriaen van Ostade (1610–85) by Peter van der Coelen
Coloured Prints (Afsetters en meester–afsetters: De kunst van het kleuren) by Elmer Kolfin
Claude Mellan (1598–1688) by Rebecca Zorach
Lost in Translation: Reinterpretation of Architectural Treatises (Traduire l’architecture) by Deborah Howard
Karoline Luise von Baden as Collector by Christiane Wiebel
Piranesi’s Published Books by John E. Moore
Ephemera in Revolutionary France (The Politics of the Provisional) by Kristel Smentek
William Blake (1757–1827) by Martin Myrone
Adam Buck (1759–1833) by Katarina Klaric
Japanese Prints from the Barbara S. Bowman Collection by Rosina Buckland
The Power of Line by Joana Neves
Nikolai Astrup (1880–1928) by Martin Hopkinson

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Early Dürer Woodcuts by Larry Silver
The Land of Cockayne and the Joys of Matrimony by Sheila O’Connell
The Distinguished Images of Nineteenth–Century France by Marc Gotlieb
Associated American Artists, 1934–2000 by Robert Conway