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New Curator in the Spotlight: Valerie Herremans

In the latest edition of the Curator in the Spotlight section, CODART-member Valerie Herremans offers a closer look at her work with the collection of sculpture at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Valerie Herremans discusses, among other things, what will happen with the collection once the museum reopens in 2019.  She explains that “sculpture will be present in nearly every room of the new museum”  and much more of it will be on display than there used to be.

Click here to read the Curator in the Spotlight of Valerie Herremans.

Curator in the Spotlight

The Curator in the Spotlight is a special feature on the CODART website that introduces one of CODART’s members and their work as a curator of Dutch and Flemish art. Every time different curators writes about their work, projects and exhibitions, and a piece in their collection that is special to them.