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Print Quarterly September 2021 (Vol. XXXVIII, No. 3) Issue Published

The current issue of Print Quarterly includes an extensive consideration of the recent publication Renaissance Invention: Stradanus’s ‘Nova Reperta’ by Peter Parshall. The Nova Reperta is a suite of twenty engravings made after designs by the Flemish painter Johannes Stradanus (Jan van der Straet) and published ca. 1599-1603 by the Galle family in conjunction with the Plantin press in Antwerp. The engravings are intended to illustrate Europe’s most important new inventions and discoveries seen from the perspective of the time. The series is of interest to historians of prints and printing but also for anyone concerned with the Renaissance perception of its place in the history human accomplishment and an extended monograph on it long overdue.


Revisiting Mantegna by David Landau

New Light on the Life and Work of the Mezzotint Engraver William Pether (1739-1821) by Dominika Cora

Shorter Notice
Three Meanings of ‘Copyright’ in British Nineteenth-Century Printmaking by Antony Griffiths

A Pseudo-Gregorian Indulgence in Santa Maria Assunta in Fiera di Primiero by Nicolas Barker

Breidenbach and Reuwich’s Gart der Gesuntheit (Im Garten der Gesundheit: Pflanzenbilder zwischen Natur, Kunst und Wissen in gedruckten Kräuterbüchern des 15. Jahrhunderts) by Dominic Olariu

Mystérieux Coffrets: Estampes au Temps de la Dame à la Licorne by Catherine Jenkins

Andrea Mantegna. Rivivere l’Antico costruire il Moderno by Marza Faetti

The Print Collection of Cassiano dal Pozzo. II: Architecture, Topography and Military Maps by Pieter Martens

Monumental Italian Painting in Prints (Grande Decorazione: Italienische Monumentalmalerei in der Druckgraphik) by David Klemm

Gottfried A. Gründler’s Der Naturforscher (1773) by Anna Gielas

The Art of Advertising and Vintage Advertising: An A–Z by Sheila O’Connell

Did Vincent van Gogh Collect Japanese Prints? (Japanese Prints: the Collection of Vincent van Gogh) by Ellis Tinios

The Etching Revival (L’eau-forte est à la mode 1840–1910) by Martin Hopkinson

New Scholarship on Lautrec (Toulouse-Lautrec, résolument moderne and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: La stratégie de l’éphémère) by Britan Salsbury

HAP Grieshaber and Jems Koko Bi (Im Wald geboren / Born in the Woods: Jems Koko Bi & HAP Grieshaber) by Jean Michel Massing

Prints at the Pierre

Publications Received

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Renaissance Invention: Stradanus’s Nova Reperta by Peter Parshall

The ’Pataphysical Potentials of Print (Alfred Jarry: The Carnival of Being) by Anna Sigridur Arnar

The Poster: A Visual History by Allison Rudnick

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