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New CODARTfeature: Rembrandt Comes to Turtle Island

As the preparations for the exhibition Rembrandt in Amsterdam at the National Gallery of Canada were in an advanced stage, the museum was prompted to consider what it means, in this time and place, to exhibit the work of canonical European artists whose culture was steeped in colonialism. In this feature, exhibition curator Stephanie Dickey recounts how the show was altered to include these considerations, and how it impacted her curatorial views.

“By the time Rembrandt was in his mid-twenties, he had established a thriving art practice in Leiden. He could surely have remained there and built a career as one of his hometown’s leading artists. Yet, around 1632, he chose to relocate to Amsterdam, the commercial hub of the nascent Dutch Republic. This bold move and its consequences form the core of our theme.” Read on…


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