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Print Quarterly September 2022 (Vol. XXXIX No. 3) Appears

Three articles and reviews in the September 2022 issue of Print Quarterly may be of interest to CODART members for their material relating to Dutch and Flemish artists and the wider activities of the region.

A major review from Jeroen Luyckx explores the entire De Jode dynasty, whose works have been catalogued by Marjolein Leesberg in ten volumes as part of The New Hollstein Dutch & Flemish series. This immense task included a total of 2,917 prints, separated according to each family member from Gerard (1516/17–1591) and Cornelis de Jode (1571–1600) to Arnold de Jode (1638–ca. 1669).

James Grantham Turner’s short article on the portraits of Baldassare Peruzzi mentions Gijsbert van Veen’s engraving The Marriage of Isaac and Rebecca (1599 or later) in relation to one of its source materials.

Inge Misschaert has contributed a brief analysis of the much-copied Map of the Battle of Waterloo (1815) by Belgian architect and engraver Pierre-Jacques Goetghebuer. The article elaborates on the production history of Goetghebuer’s map and its context alongside other adventurous competitors seeking to illustrate the famous battle in its immediate aftermath.

Finally, Martin Hopkinson has reviewed Noir & Blanc: La gravure belge et néerlandaise en Italie au début du XXe siècle, the proceedings of a conference held in 2018 in Rome at the Academia Belgica and the Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut. He notes that it offers ‘fine coverage of the salient features of the most important scholarly contributions over the last 30 years on Belgian and Dutch printmaking in Italy in the early twentieth century’ among other praiseworthy points of interest regarding this long overdue topic of discussion.


A Poetic Prognostication by Giulio Campagnola and its Relationship to his Astrologer by IRENE BROOKE

Franz Anton Maulbertsch, Jakob Matthias Schmutzer and the Allegory on the Edict of Toleration, 1785 by TOMÁŠ VALEŠ

What is an Original Print? The Evolution of a Definition by DEBORA WOOD

Shorter Notices 

Portraits of Baldassare Peruzzi: Prints before Drawings by JAMES GRANTHAM TURNER

Sébastien Leclerc’s Preparatory Drawing for the View of the Hall of Mirrors (1684): A Reassessment by ANTOINE GALLAY


Early Northern Prints in the Uffizi by ARMIN KUNZ

Federico Barocci’s Annunciation to the Virgin by MARZIA FAIETTI

Women Artists in Early Modern Bologna by IRENE GRAZIANI

Battle Engravings for the Emperors of China by JEAN MICHEL MASSING

Thomas Gainsborough in London by ANNE LYLES

Utamaro and the Spectacle of Beauty by ADAM HALIBURTON

The Waterloo Map of Pierre-Jacques Goetghebuer by INGE MISSCHAERT

The Reception of Raphael (Raffael: Wirkung eines Genies) by F. CARLO SCHMID

The Fruitful Encounter Between Engraving and Photography (Contacts – Photographie – Gravure: Jeux et Enjeux) by FRANCESCA MARIA BONETTI

Pierre Gatier (1878–1944) by MARTIN HOPKINSON

Belgian and Netherlandish Printmaking in Early Twentieth-Century Italy by MARTIN HOPKINSON

Mary Cassatt in the Lunder Collection (Inside Out: The Prints of Mary Cassatt) by NIGEL IP

Private Lives in the Art of the Nabis by BELINDA THOMSON

Ambroise Vollard (1866–1939), Henri Marie Petiet (1894–1980) and Printmaking in France (Edition limitée: Vollard, Petiet et l’estampe de maîtres) by FLEUR ROOS ROSA DE CARVALHO

German World War I Print Cycles (Mich schaudert dieses Krieges: Die graphischen Zyklen zum Ersten Weltkrieg) by JÜRGEN DÖRING

Collecting Prints, Posters and Ephemera by NAOKO TAKAHATAKE

Galleria del Cavallino by MARTIN HOPKINSON

Ponirin Amin’s On Your Lonely Stage and Printmaking in Malaysia by SAFRIZAL SHAHIR

Obituary for Pat Gilmour (1931–2021) by STEPHEN COPPEL

Obituary for Hubert Prouté (1922–2022) by ALAN N. STONE

Correction and Addendum

Publications Received

Catalogue and Book Reviews

 Albrecht Altdorfer Innovation (Albrecht Altdorfer: Maître de la Renaissance allemande) by SUZANNE KARR SCHMIDT

The De Jode Dynasty by JEROEN LUYCKX   350

You Can Be Sure of Shell (Shell Art & Advertising) by TERI J. EDELSTEIN

Sol LeWitt (Strict Beauty: Sol LeWitt Prints) by ANDREW BICK

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