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Winter Issue (Vol 13:1) of JHNA, Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art, Published

Historians of Netherlandish Art announces the publication of the winter issue (vol. 13:1) of the refereed, open-access Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art.

Table of Contents

Clare Richardson and Kate Stonor, “The Conversion of Saint Paul Series at the Courtauld: Rubens’s Artistic Process Revealed by New Technical Discoveries.”
The article discusses Peter Paul Rubens’s three depictions of the Conversion of Saint Paul (ca. 1610–1612) that together provide insight into Rubens’s creative process.

Frans Grijzenhout, “Potter’s Bull: An Heirloom and a Gift.”
The article discusses the provenance of Paulus Potter’s iconic painting (1647), a canvas that may have been produced, or adapted, as a giant piece of decoration for a private house in The Hague.

Thomas Balfe, “Learned Fable, Living World: Artistry, Knowledge and Attention to Nature in Two Aesopic Paintings by Joannes Fyt.”
The essay analyses two paintings by Fyt, exploring how they address both the allegorical realm of Aesopic fables and a tangible living world that was increasingly under investigation from natural history and related modes of inquiry.

C. Willemijn Fock, “Art Ownership in Leiden in the Seventeenth Century.”
This translation of an often-cited essay offers insights into art owned by collectors living on Leiden’s famous Rapenburg canal. Anne Baudouin was the translator, with aid from Nicolette Sluijter-Seiffert.

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