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Call for papers: symposium Van Gogh’s studio practice

From May 2013 to January 2014 the Van Gogh Museum, in close collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage and Shell, will present the results of innovative and interdisciplinary research on Van Gogh’s working methods in the context of his time to a larger public.

An ambitious exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum, accompanying publications and an international symposium will shed more light on Van Gogh’s use of an impressive range of materials and techniques in order to understand to what extent his studio practice was influenced by other artists, books he read, and the conditions in which he lived and worked.

Scholars (curators, researchers, conservators, conservation scientists, physicists and chemists) working in the wider field of 19th-century studies are kindly invited to share their expertise by presenting a paper or a poster.

The contributions shall address one of the following themes:
1. Materials and tools
2. Technique and finishing
3. Conditions (i.e. in a studio or in the open air, weather, in dim or well-lit spaces, finance and health)
4. Know-how (theoretical and practical)

The organization of this symposium invites broad participation. Therefore, we would be most grateful if you could forward this call for papers to possible interested parties.

The deadline for the extended abstracts is 1 November 2012

Location: Amsterdam
Dates: 24-26 June 2013
English spoken

Format for extended abstract

Presenting Author, Other Authors, Senior Authors*(12pt, Normal)
Department Name, Institute name, Institute addresses (10pt, Normal)
E-mail: (9pt, Normal)

The one-page extended abstract should be typed in 10 point, Times New Roman, normal font, single space. Use A4 size paper with margins-top: 1 inch; bottom: 1inch; left: 1.25 inches; and right:1.25 inches. Cite the reference in parentheses e.g. Kotha et al [1] in the text. Reference should be typed in point, normal front, and single space. The entire abstract including text, figures, equations, structures, schemes and references must be sent as a MS-WORD DOC file. The printed area should be 5.8 inches (W) × 9.7 inches (L).

A.B. and C. D., JOURNAL, VOLUME, YEAR, PAGE. [9 point, normal]

Important: Abstracts should be sent to as a MS-WORD document file. Only one poster per research group (principal researcher) shall be considered.