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Call for Queer Histories and Artworks with a Queer Sensibility

In 2027, the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent will present the first exhibition centered on queer readings of the art of the Southern Low Countries (ca. 1400 to ca. 1950). As part of the preparations, the museum is launching a broad call for queer histories and artworks with a ‘queer sensibility’ that may lie hidden in museum collections.

A considerable longlist is already in the making, with artworks grouped around themes such as iconic narratives, queer networks, visual language and intimacies. But it is also evident that the lives of artists, models or collectors in this region have rarely been examined from a queer perspective; the female narrative seems almost entirely absent. Moreover, art with a certain ‘queer sensibility’ can not easily be traced in collection databases.

Consequently, the exhibition will also be building on the personal insights of researchers, museum staff and collectors in order to bring these more hidden materials to light. Do you know of work from the Southern Low Countries that could be interesting to approach from a queer lens, or of individuals/networks that might benefit from new research leading up to 2027? Or are you interested in sharing your thoughts on this project and possibly helping to address these gaps in art history? Then please contact curators Bart Ooghe or Johan De Smet ( and