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December issue Print Quarterly (Volume XXXIII, no. 4) published

The issue contains an article by Martin Hopkinson on Belgian Prints in Britain During World War I, consisting of a comprehensive listing of the surprisingly high number of exhibitions of Belgian artists in the years 1914 to 1916. The issue also includes a Note by Peter van der Coelen on the large prints and the royal-size bibles popular in seventeenth-century Dutch Republic mostly published by the Visscher family as well as a Note reviewing the book series Image of the Black in Western Art.

Contents of December 2016 issue of Print Quarterly (Volume XXXIII, no. 4)

A Dating for Domenico Bonaveri’s Notomie di Titiano by MONIQUE KORNELL
Exploring the Thysiana Scrapbook by DAPHNE E. WOUTS
A Rediscovered Drawing by Jean Boulanger (c.1608–c.1680) by ANGELAMARIA ACETO
Belgian Prints in Britain during World War I by MARTIN HOPKINSON
Signs of Silence: Jasper Johns’s Fragment of a Letter by JUDITH GOLDMAN


Karl Giehlow (1863–1913), Albrecht Dürer and Hieroglyphs by JEAN MICHEL MASSING
The Dark Side of the Renaissance by MADELEINE VILJOEN
Imagery from Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando furioso (Venice, 1542) by MICHAEL BURY
Royal-Size Bible Prints by PETER VAN DER COELEN
Image of the Black by SASKIA RUBIN
Constellatio Felix in 1719 by MADELEINE BROOK
The Arthur Ross Collection by ANTONY GRIFFITHS
Prints and Propaganda in the Age of Napoleon by PHILIPPE BORDES
Luigi Rossini (1790–1857) by DAVID MARSHALL
A History of the National Art Library through its Collection by EDITH BROWN
Paper Peepshows by ALBERTO MILANO
Shunga in Honolulu by ELLIS TINIOS
Mortimer Menpes (1855–1938) by ANNA GRUETZNER ROBINS
John Gadsby Chapman (1808–89) by JOY SPERLING
Jan Altink (1885–1971) by MARTIN HOPKINSON
Crown Point Press by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN
Bruce Onobrakpeya (b. 1932) by JEAN MICHEL MASSING
Mimmo Paladino (b. 1948) by GIORGIO BACCI
Thomas Kaminsky, Lenin and the Black Square by HEIDRUN ROSENBERG

Catalogue and Book Reviews

The Demand for Maps in Italy by MICHAEL BURY
Posters’ Global History by MARGARET TIMMERS