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Eric Jan Sluijter gives valedictory lecture, colleagues and friends present book and exhibition in his honour

Last Friday Prof. Eric Jan Sluijter gave his valedictory lecture in the Aula of the University of Amsterdam. The lecture entitled ‘Hier is de beurs en ’t geld, en liefde tot de kunst.’ dealt with the prices of history paintings in the seventeenth-century in Amsterdam and the mechanisms that played a role in the realization of these prices. With his lecture Sluijter addressed a part of the research project Economic and Artistic Competition in the Amsterdam Art Market, c. 1630-1690; History Painting in Rembrandt’s Time which nears its completion.

Nicolette Sluijter-Seiffert presented the newly retired professor, and her husband, with the first copy of the book of essays in his honour Aemulatio: imitation, emulation and invention in Netherlandish art from 1500 to 1800: essays in honor of Eric Jan Sluijter. The thirty contributors of this volume are all friends, colleagues or former students of Sluijter. The book will be available in the Waanders webshop. Please find the table of contents below.

Elmer Kolfin, who was once Sluijter’s first PhD-student, presented another gift, an exhibition to be held in the Rembrandthuis this Summer: Printed in Amsterdam: Amsterdam Printmakers and Publishers in the Golden Age. Waanders wil also publish the catalogue of this exhibition.

Sluijter expressed the hope and expectation that his retirement as a professor will in no way signal his retreat from the art historical stage. Apart from his ongoing projects and PhD-students, he added that he already had new projects in mind.

Sluijter will be succeeded by Prof. Frans Grijzenhout.

Table of contents Aemulatio: imitation, emulation and invention in Netherlandish art from 1500 to 1800: essays in honor of Eric Jan Sluijter


Fiona Healy
"Terminus: Crossing boundaries in Maarten van Heemskerck’s Saint Luke Painting the Madonna in Haarlem"

Koenraad Jonckheere
"Nudity on the Market: Some Thoughts on the Market and Innovations in Sixteenth-Century Antwerp" 

Boudewijn Bakker
"Au vif – naar ‘t leven – ad vivum: The Medieval Origin of a Humanist concept" 

Ilja M. Veldman
"A Display of Ambitions: Isaac Duchemin’s Portrait of Jan van der Noot"

Marion Boers-Goosens
"Paintings in Sixteenth-Century Wealthy Interiors: Two Case Studies"

Mia M. Mochizuki
"Seductess of Site: The Nagasaki Madonna of the Snow"

Huigen Leeflang
"’Sine Cerere et Baccho friget Venus’  ‘after’ Bartholomeus Spranger: An Early Parody of Style"

Barbara Haeger
"Rubens’ Singular Tribute to Adam Elsheimer" 

Lyckle de Vries
"Painterly Chaos: The Choice of Subject Matter in Dutch Art"

Ernst van de Wetering
"Subordinating Colour to Light and Shadow: Rembrandt’s Fatal Choice?"

William Worth Bracken
"’So as to give birth to your own inventions, too’: Rembrandt Transforming Annibale"

Eddy de Jongh
"Van Campen’s ‘White’ versus Lievens’ ‘Black’"

Ann Jensen Adams
"Aemulatio of Taste: Thomas de Keyser and the New Classicism of the 1630s"

H. Perry Chapman
"Rembrandt and Caravaggio: A Question of Emulation?"

Henk van Os
"The Painter as a Competitive Reader"

Thijs Weststeijn
"Karel van Mander and Franchisco Pacheco"

Arjan de Koomen
"Titus, Titian and Tante Titia: On Rembrandt and Onomastics"

Stephanie S. Dickey
"Saskia as Glycera: Rembrandt’s Emulation of an Antique Prototype"

Alison M. Kettering
"Rembrandt and the Male Nude"

Susan Donahue Kuretsky
"Rembrandt’s Cat"

Albert Blankert
"Rapen Again: Notes on Aemulatio and Plagiarism in Dutch Painting"

Margriet van Eikema Hommes
"’As though it had been done by just one Master’: Unity and Diversity in the Oranjezaal, Huis ten Bosch"

Walter Liedtke
"Van Dyck’s ‘Influence’ in the Dutch Republic"

Amy Golahny
"Rembrandt’s Callisto Bathing: Unusual But Not Unique"

Celeste Brusati
"Painting at the Treshold: Competition and Conversation in Perspective"

Marten Jan Bok
"Van Goyen as Burgher of Delft? Jan Steen and the Moralistic Mode"

Frauke Laarmann
"Abraham and the Angels"

Ronni Baer
"Dou’s Nudes"

Elmer Kolfin
"Omphalos Mundi: The Pictorial Tradition of the Theme of Amsterdam and the Four Continents, circa 1600-1665"

Frans Grijzenhout
"Michiel van Musscher and Bartholomeus van der Helst:: Theft of Honour or Creative Imitation?"

Adriaan E. Waiboer
"A Clean Competition: Some Hypotheses on Vermeer’s Lost Gentleman Washing His Hands"

Emilie E.S. Gordenker
"Standing at the Crossroad: Arnold Houbraken on the Career of Jan de Baen"

Anna Tummers
"The Painter Versus His Critics: Willem van Nijmegen’s Defense of his Art"

Jaquelyn N. Coutré
"‘ Schoenmaaker blyft by uw leest’: On a Case of Emulation in Gerard de Lairesse’s Groot Schilderboek"

Charles Dumas
"Improving Old Master Drawings by Aert Schouman (1710-1792)"

Bibliography of Eric Jan Sluijter


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