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Digital Art History Directory Launched

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) announced the launch of the Digital Art History Directory (DAHD). Intended one day to be the largest, most comprehensive, and inclusive collection of information on Digital Art History, the DAHD functions as a tool and living resource providing a platform for discovery, sharing, and research of Digital Art History. The platform features projects related to all periods and styles, including several related to Dutch and Flemish artists and the wider activities of the region, such as ‘Studying Vermeer’s Canvases and Rembrandt’s Papers: Two Examples of Computational Art History’ and ‘Closer to Van Eyck: Rediscovering the Ghent Altarpiece’.

The site also hosts a set of resources, authored by experts in our field, to set out best practices in cataloging, discoverability, web archiving, and collections of open data and artworks.

The ARLIS/NA invites the public to explore the DAHD’s descriptive, image-rich records of digital art history projects, submitted by project owners and Digital Art History labs. The records are searchable by keyword and through a multi-faceted search engine, providing an opportunity to explore records by project type, art historical subject matter, and technologies employed. The DAHD provides opportunities to be inspired by, learn from, and compare projects, which the society hopes will be useful to practitioners as well as those interested in researching or teaching digital art history.

The society warmly welcomes scholars, librarians, curators, publishers, and students alike to share their projects. Visit to learn more about the project, browse the directory, and submit your work.