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Latest issue of Print Quarterly (VOLUME XXXII, no. 1), March 2015 has been published

The latest issue of Print Quarterly (Volume XXXII, no. 1, March 2015) has appeared. The contributions with Dutch and/or Flemish content include notes on Jordaens, Cornelis Visscher, Constantijn Huygens, the financial crash of 1720, and a review of the New Hollstein Rembrandt.


Print Quarterly, Volume XXXII, no. 1, March 2015

Jan Ziarnko’s Anamorphic Print A Pair of Lovers Embracing by ADA PALKA
‘Enlightening the Ignorant’: the Early Years of the International Society by MARTIN

Shorter Notices

An Engraving by Giulio Bonasone after a Drawing by Giulio Romano by PAUL JOANNIDES
Prince Albert’s Reprint of Agostino Veneziano’s The Witch’s Procession by CHRISTIANE WIEBEL


Renaissance Architecture by CHARIS WILLIAMS
City Views by JOHN E. MOORE
Fencing Manuals by CHARIS WILLIAMS
The Palatine Wedding of 1613 by MADELEINE BROOK
Genealogical Books by BERTHOLD KRESS
Jordaens by ANN DIELS
Cornelis Visscher and Constantijn Huygens’s Koren-Bloemen by JOHN HAWLEY
Constantijn Huygens by ANTONY GRIFFITHS
The Financial Crash of 1720 by BRUCE WAMBHEIM
Reproducing Drawings: Caylus and the Recuil of Prints by CHARLOTTE LEPETOUKHA
Fashion in Print by HELEN COBBY
The Loudons and the Gardening Press by TODD LONGSTAFFE-GOWAN
Japanese Woodblock Printed Books by CHRISTINE GUTH
Marie-Cécile Goldsmid by JÜRGEN DÖRING
Charlotte Reihlen and the Broad and Narrow Way by JEAN MICHEL MASSING
Daumier, Masareel and Millet in the Pagine d’Arte Series by TANYA SZRAJBER
Feininger by ACHIM MOELLER
Jessie Traill by IRENA ZDANOWICZ
Alberto Magnelli by MARTIN HOPKINSON
The Boyers’ Anodized Aluminium Plates by CAITLIN COLLINSON
Stamperia d’Arte Albicocco by MARTIN HOPKINSON
The London Original Print Fair at Thirty by DAVID LANDAU
Richard Long by CLIVE PHILPOTT

Catalogue and Book Reviews

Images of Islam by SUSAN DACKERMAN
Federico Barocci by RHODA EITEL-PORTER
Illustrated Sacred Books in Italy, 1550–1700 by ILARIA ANDREOLI
The New Hollstein Rembrandt by MARTIN ROYALTON KISCH
London Maps and Maps Magnificent by RALPH HYDE
The Dissemination of Popular Prints by ANTONY GRIFFITHS
Romanticism and Graphic Satire by AMANDA LAIHIKAINEN
Richard Hamilton by PAUL COLDWELL
Ellsworth Kelly by RONI FEINSTEIN